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Project Date of completion: 1994-Present
Project Client: State of Louisiana

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1993-1994. The Louisiana State Capitol Building was conceived by Huey Long as a monument to symbolize the end of political domination by Louisiana’s social and economical elite. The building still remains the tallest state capitol in the United States, but over the years, the Indiana limestone exterior required cleaning and restoration. Working with long-standing capitol architect, Charles E. Schwing, extensive research and careful implementation provided the most appropriate methods to restore the limestone.

2006 – 2014. The mechanical system, added in 1949, required a complete overhaul. The system was in dire need of modernization to take advantage of the technological advances over the last half century. The system being replaced was mechanically and spatially inefficient,  with all supply air being taken directly from unconditioned outside air, which was not returned through the system. A continuous vertical chase ran through the extent of the Capitol, with equipment located only on the 6th and 26th floor. The system was redesigned with compact, efficient and localized equipment. The vertical chases were removed, equipment and access areas reduced or eliminated, and the original floor layouts restored to the fullest extent possible.

2013-2015. The existing 4,000SF rooftop plaza located over the Capitol’s basement had suffered from extensive moisture-related issues, which required removing the overlaying earthwork and paving system to repair the underlying weather barrier. Additionally, a complete reconditioning and refurbishing of the exterior limestone skin was performed in close collaboration with John Milner & Associates of Alexandria, Virginia as consultant.

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