In the early 1990’s, Mr. Jimmy moved our office to it’s current 409 North Seventh Street, Downtown Baton Rouge location. The building is on the National Register of Historic Places and  has multiple layers of history and interesting facts:


Front Door

1- Baton Rouge’s Oldest Standing Masonic Lodge

The office was once a Masonic Temple. You can still find the original symbol in the stain glass above our entry door. On the second level you will find a small set of stairs leading up to a raised platform. This platform was the stage where the Masonic Lodge held their meetings. Small masonic temples, much like our office, often consists of nothing more than a meetings room with a kitchen/dining area attached.



2- The Professional Photography Studio of Fonville Winans

Our office was the host of Fonville Winans photography studio. Fonville is well known for his black and white images of South Louisiana. In our main entry, you find a few of his photographs hanging on the walls.




3- Antique Fans

Over the years, Mr. Jimmy has collected a number of antique fans. Today, most of them are still operational and keeping us cool.



Lt. Dan Ice Cream

4- Ice cream scoops! 

We have lots of antique ice cream scoops on display in the office!